I think I hear voices

A soundinstallation working with interactivity and the voice of the visitors.

In the installation there is a microphone into which visitors can speak, sing or even make noises with their mouths. This signal is converted into music by a real-time sampler. The signal is recorded every 5 seconds and stored in a buffer. A pre-written MIDI file determines the pitch and the rhythm. The pentatonic scale was used as the basis for melody and harmony and harmony to eliminate as much dissonance as possible. This music is played directly in the room from loudspeakers. Thus music is generated in real time from the voice of the visitors, without them singing or otherwise have any musical understanding.

For visual aspects and understanding what to do, there will be a large object, I'll all it a microphone capsule, that not only gives a visual link to the value of the voice but also has an acoustic function: to protect the microphone from the noise from the speakers and prevent feedback. From the ceiling suspended from two wire ropes, it serves as a kind of speech chamber.The microphone capsule will be made of a golden lava-look aluminum exterior and from the inside covered with black acoustic foam.

The golden material is intended to create a feeling of high value. The same material will be animated in the form of a projection and played in the background on the wall. The animation reacts to the beat of the music and gives control to the combination of machine and human created by the installation. A webcam will record the room and the visitors and reflect them in the virtual material in order to reproduce the real material of the object as realistically as possible.

Photo of the installation