Mona Nguyen

Genus of Vulvorchidaceae

It is important to talk more about female sexuality since it's stigmatized and things like masturbation are demonized amongst girls and women. The act of knowing your body should be an act of self empowerment and not shame. When we talk about our bodies, why should we ignore our genitals?

No News

No News is a work about digital weariness relating to news on social media and the associated comment sections. For many, the culture of discussion leads to the fact that one becomes too involved in insoluble conflicts and that there is no longer objective discussion.

Strangers on the train

Due to many travels by train I like to use the time I have wisely. One of the best ways to keep myself entertained was to draw strangers on the train without them noticing. It became a challengeing habit of mine to draw very quickly, but precisely at the same time.

I think I hear voices

This sound installation is about making music with peoples voices. In the installation there is a microphone that visitors speak into, singing or making noises with the mouth. This signal is converted into music by a real-time sampler. The pitch of the sound is prewritten, only the tone of the voice is encouraging visitors to play with the installation.


The Work "Flow" is an experimental approach to noise used as displacement map. Experimenting with different materials, lights and surfaces I learned a lot about how they work in computer generated images. My approach was to create something aestheatic and get into a workflow.